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Thread: Knock sensor multiplier (6244, 45, 50 & 55) TPS, RPM and

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    Default Knock sensor multiplier (6244, 45, 50 & 55) TPS, RPM and

    Hi all,
    Seems like there isnt much discussion of info on these tables anywhere.
    I had a persistent drag on my spark table which I posted about before. It was suggested that I sort out my wideband first before attacking the cause.
    Ive done this and made a few passes at BEN.
    Still I was getting knock at very low throttle and map ranges. LIke 0.60 g/cyl.
    Anyway I discovered that later year LS1's had substantial changes to the above tables. Once I had copied these tables from an 04 into my 00 cal things got much better, in fact Id almost say fixed.
    I had logged the DMA spark tables earlier but not found the culprit. I think I have now.
    It appears that its for tuning knock sensitivity across cylinders, rpm and tps variables.
    Anyway just wanted to write something up about it in case someone else was getting weird timing issues.

    BTW: I have not heard any "real" knock, so hopefully all is well.

    Let me know if you think Im committing murder on my little alloy friend.
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    How did you progress with this strategy Ringram?
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    Maybe we can relate this?

    Seems we are engouraged to use LS1 type sensors removed from under the intake and move them to outside of block when doing Gen 4 engines into <05 cars. This is clunky and troublesome.
    Is there a software fix to allow the use of the newer knock sensors on opposite sides of the block as configued in the newer cars ??

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