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Thread: Misfire tables missing

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    Default Misfire tables missing

    I have a 2010 suburban operating system 12636005 the misfire tables are missing. I have done 09 suburbans with know probems. after looking at this one seems to be left out any ideas or am I over looking something.It has misfire folder and parameters but no tables listed after that.

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    They are missing because GM keep changing them, we haven't figured the new structure.
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    ok I know you have millions of things going on but is that some thing you will be working on soon ? I only ask because I been doing motors and tunes for 3 years for this company and they get sent out of the country they are armered suburbans and cost very much money to build so a check engine light freaks them out.The last 2 years they been shiping me motors and computers then I engine dyno them to test the motors then ship ecms with suburban tune. I did the org.tune on chassis dyno so thats what I copey off of not sure if I can get buy with out changing missfire tables or not they are small cams pretty smooths running.

    thanks again

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