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Thread: point me in the right direction

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    Default point me in the right direction

    i want to enable lean cruise on my truck and i'm not sure what i'm looking for or where to look. i looked and searched around, but its only confused me more.


    03 Silverado 5.3 ECSB 4x4 Z71
    Comp Cam 206/212 .515/.522 112 lSA, hardened rods with LS9 springs

    2010 Tahoe VVT AFM 5.3
    Stock for now

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    Leans cruise is not available on platform other than Holden. you'll find a lot of hits for a search like that.

    What you could do is use the 03150003 EFILive COS and user the Open Loop fuel table to command leaner mixtures at low load and cruise points.
    EFILive Crew

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