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Thread: 2004.5 LLY limping trans?

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    Default 2004.5 LLY limping trans?

    Truck now took the tune! now that the tune is on i made the correction for tire size and raised the speed limiter. now when the truck gets to 90mph it will limp the trans? the truck is not running out of fuel nor is it that hard on the trans. is there any speed sensors in the tune that need to be equalled out? any help would be great! thanks guys

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    Are you getting stuck in 3rd gear? Is your trans stock? What kind of pulse widths are you running?

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    Without thinking - or knowing - too much, you are either running into the top speed limiter for some reason, or simply limping it due to power and the slippage that is detected in the high gear, no? Good luck and keep us posted

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