I'm working on a LS1 Camaro with about 440 RWHP. I've put 4 rebuilt transmissions in it over the last year. Every one of them has taken 3-4 clutches out between 1000-1500 miles. I know the transmissions are right, we've done 20 or so of them over the last couple of years and this is the only one that has failed. I finally looked a little deeper into what is causing this and found the line pressure was too low. This was caused by the PCS not getting to a low enough amperage because the delivered torque is only reading bout 250 ft/lbs. Under WOT the MAF is reading about 9800 Hz , the TPS in 100% and the MAP shows 103 kpa. With all this the delivered torque is only 250?

My question is, how is delivered torque calculated? and why is it reading so low that the line pressure isn't enough to keep from burning up clutches?