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Thread: Can not flash TCM in 2001 GMC LB7 excab 4x4 pickup?

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    Please ensure you are running the latest software; as at time of this post available here ( Also be sure to upgrade your FlashScan V2 firmware if applicable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RickDLance View Post
    I've had this happen with v7.5.5 build 88 when NOT doing a full flash on my 05. Can you give me the correct series of events needed to keep this from happening?
    1st, make sure you have the V2 scanner connected to the computer BEFORE starting the software.
    2nd, turn key on BEFORE plugging in V2 to programming port on truck.
    3rd, unclick high speed when uploading or downloading the tune.
    I also have had problems when tuning my friends 2003. I do have all the latest software and V2 updates installed.
    And this was the only way it would work and also it was VERY slow, took about 6 minutes to load.
    On my 2001 all I do is make sure V2 is connected to computer before starting software and it works fine every time.
    I have not done a full flash yet, just set points, but I am planning on updating the OS to 6006 as I have read that this OS is best in the 01 computer.
    I have downloaded this OS and now I am in the process of updating the fields with my 01 set points to get a stock program to save and test, then I will build it up from there.
    Right now I am running a modified 20-20 tow tune I found on here and it now is a 20-30 tune to give you more above 70% throttle.
    I also modified the timing tables as the direct copy and paste of the tables set the idle timing to far and I was getting detonation at idle...
    This tune feels reel nice and is very strong, lets just say getting from 50mph to 70mph doesn't take very long...
    2001 GMC 2500HD Duramax Allison, 4x4 ex-cab, 8' bed, 285/75R16, Sulastic rear spring shackles, Cognito upper control arm kit, Cognito Heavy Duty Tie-Rods, Cognito pitman and idler arm support kit, Heavy duty sway bar end link kit, Banks air cleaner kit with super scoop, AirDog 150 Fuel Preporator/Filter, EFI Live Tuning for power and fuel milage...

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    Eh I wouldnt turn the key one before inserting my V2, but it might not make any difference. I do it backwards of you and it works 99% of the time.

    Plug V2 into truck
    Plug USB into laptop
    Turn truck to run
    Open Scan/Tune tool and connect to V2

    To everyone who has issues programming trucks, biggest thing is to make sure the V2 is connected to the truck before plugging the V2 into the laptop and opening tune/scan tools. Ive had to play around with a few trucks before, some are weird and like a different order.

    Jeff, not sure anyone answered your question about Alli TCMs gear ratio being 4.10s. My hunch is that GM set them all that way so it would be easier to control the shift points on their end.
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    Mine does this sometimes too, I just restart EFI and unplug from the truck and it usually works.
    2001 Chevrolet K2500HD Duramax
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    A few more go fast/truck pulling goodies!
    Tuned with EFI
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