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Thread: 02 Camaro file for 6SPD

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    Default 02 Camaro file for 6SPD

    Just like to say Hi as I am new here .

    I have playing around with the demo and have fun trying to figure everything out . I have a 94 Z/28 with a 6SPD that I will be converting with the EFI Connection hardware . I have downloaded all of stock files from Holden Crazy ,98-02 and the one from EFI , 02. While poking around I notice that all the setings for a automatic are present in the file . And all the gear ratios are for a auto . I can not find anything for the 6spd .Even though the main description reads manual trans . everyone I download was the same , all said manual but had auto files . What am I missing ?.


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    The 2002 manual file from holdencrazy is a manual transmission file. The PCM controls an automatic or a stick. Editing the transmission tables won't change anything on a manual except the CAGS. Take a look at the DTC's that set, all of the auto related codes are disabled.
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