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Thread: LB7 Fuel Injector balance rates reading 0

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    Default LB7 Fuel Injector balance rates reading 0

    Hi all,
    Just got EFI Live and having a bit of trouble getting started. All my fuel injector balance rates are reading 0. What have I dont wrong? I selected them, they show up in my data table, I hit the green connect button in the upper left, and then hit the yellow "Start monitoring real time data" button on the bottom in the middle.... and no go.

    Any ideas? please help!

    EDIT: Scratch that.... I tried messing with it for 15mins before posting this. Apparently should have tried for 5 more! Tried disconnecting/reconnecting physically from the truck, and it seemed to work again.
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    The yellow button (monitor) updates only the gauge display and not the chart display.

    Use the red (record) button instead.

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