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Thread: 2010 Camaro Supercharger Project

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    Cool 2010 Camaro Supercharger Project - Need Help with AFR

    Ok so far tuning has been going well, but I'm having problems with fine tuning the AFR's. Basically at this point the car drives for the most part like a stock car at part throttle. I have a few issues around 1000-1200 rpm where it will occasionally go lean, but everytime I make adjustments I end up transfering the problem to somewhere else in the tune. (after coefficient and VVE generation).

    Even light throttle is rich, but I'm afraid to adjust any further with VVE because of the changes that occur elsewhere in the tune. I've done some tweaking with the MAF frequencies, but I'm not sure if the is the appropriate place to make fine tune adjustments. Also, does {B0148} apply to OL part throttle and PE?

    Here is the current setup:

    2010 Camaro L99 with Vortech YSI supercharger and 83 lb/hr injectors @ 58 psi. With the current pulley the car should be making around 10 lbs of boost, but I haven't even started with the WOT tuning yet. The car is way too rich. I'm tuning OL with MAF. I'm also encountering P0121 MIL when under boost. Basically anything over 5 PSI. Currently I've disabled this MIL and changed it to Not Reported, but curious if others have encountered this MIL and how they adjusted for it..

    This is my first tune so if I'm way off please let me know.. I'm asking the experts for help!
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