I bought an autotap ATI V2 software package 3 years ago that originally came with the V5 software (EFILive V5 professional), it has been registered and works fine. However, I decided to download the V6 software (from EFI webpage) because it has an additional feature of bidirectional communication which I would love to use (mainly for the CKP relearn).
The problem is I need to now how and where to get the key to be able to register the V6 program.
The new V6 version is: EFILive V6 exe V6.4.0 (Build 53) obdII dll V6.4.0. (Build 173)
I would really like to get this activated as I am getting ready to fire off a iron block LS6 in my '78 Camaro.
Thanks in advance for any direction you can give me.