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Hi Paul,

Thanks for the reply. I now think that I can't use the Autotap hardware for tuning with EFILive, only for scanning purposes or can be used but with limited features only. I now understand why it goes to the "demo" mode when I tried tuning a corvette with EFILive. I thought at first that you may be able to supply me valid registration key or updated registration key but I guess that is not the way. What do you suggest now? Thank you so much for your support.


The AutoTap interface cable was never able to flash/program a controller, even with the EFILive software.

In the past we used to sell a Scan Only license that allowed an AutoTap owner to use the EFILive Scan Tool software with their AutoTap interface. The Scan Only license used to cost around $400 (if I recall correctly) however that type of license has not been available for many years now.

If you're interested in purchasing a FlashScan device, a Scan Only FlashScan device is $499, or a Scan and Tune FlashScan is $899.