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Thread: GM C4500/5500 series PTO Idle control

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    Default GM C4500/5500 series PTO Idle control

    I was wondering if anyone ever had added a PTO to their vehicle and had to reprogram the PCM to raise the idle when the PTO switch is activated.

    I know this can be done by the dealer with the tech 2 programmer. But how do i go about doing it with the EFILive? Any ideas???


    Bernie Carter

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    By adding a PTO....what did you add? It is my understanding that allison's have the PTO cover plate but may or may not have the gear in it. By that I think the option shows the tranny with or without PTO gear? You may have a manual trans though?

    I have a 4500 that has the MHE 2350 trans with gear and of course, I have the dash switch. The cruise control buttons can alter speed after turning on PTO switch.
    Sorry about what EFI Live can do......don't know. I do know that in Scan/DTC I cannot activate the PTO light, so chances are EFI Live don't even see the routines?

    BTW mine is a Diesel and I see you posted in the Gas section, so you may have the 8.1 gas engine?

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