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Thread: OL question????

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    Quote Originally Posted by slows10 View Post
    To bad you dont have the other tuning software. You could flash in a factory LD9 supercharger file, from a cavalier. It would be great for what your running, being a standalone.
    Using the P11 PCM? Thats a good idea too...
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    Ya if you are using efilive then I would run a 97-02 pcm. I dont think it is a p11 though. I thought the p11 was the 02-05 ecotec. But there are some better tables in the 97-02 pcm. If you use a flex fuel file, injector flow rate is in there. Efilive forgot to include injector flow rate in the non flex 97-02 pcm. Also from what I see there is no injector flow rate in the 02-05 ecotec pcm supported either.
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