Please be aware that EFILive provides support only for EFILive produced hardware and software products. Tuning support is specifically not provided by the EFILive team; this forum is your best resource for getting tuning related advise from experienced, knowledgeable and helpful EFILive customers and users.

To obtain support for your EFILive hardware or software product from the EFILive team please log a support incident at the EFILive Helpdesk.

Your EFILive Helpdesk username and password are the same as here on the EFILive Forum. Users without an existing EFILive Forum user account can simply register through the forum directly, or will be directed to do so if registering from the EFILive Helpdesk system.

In order to assist in problem identification and resolution please answer accurately and completely as many of the questions as possible when creating the support incident.

The EFILive Team