Hello again (after many years) =))

My name is John & I used to own John Stevenson Automotive in Chatsworth, Ca.

I purchased this software/hardware combo many years ago. I'm interested in using it again & was wondering if I need to update this software to be able to use the cable.

1.) Is this cable licensed to only one car?
2.) If so, can I get software/hardware that will enable me to use this like my Tech2? In other words, like a factory or even generic scan tool?
3.) Is the Autotap the scanner software and the EFIliveV5 software the tuning software? Its been so long since I've used this type of software. Most of the tools I use at work nowadays are manufacture tools.

Just so you know, I'm a driveability tech by trade....so don't be worried about speaking very technically to me. I just need to know if this cable & software is still useful to me at all. I think I bought this thing when I was doing some tuning on a ZL1 late model camaro if I'm not mistaken.

Thanks in advance.