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Thread: Question regarding my Autotap ver 2.04 & EFIliveV5 ver 5.26.8 Build 454

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    Default Question regarding my Autotap ver 2.04 & EFIliveV5 ver 5.26.8 Build 454

    Hello again (after many years) =))

    My name is John & I used to own John Stevenson Automotive in Chatsworth, Ca.

    I purchased this software/hardware combo many years ago. I'm interested in using it again & was wondering if I need to update this software to be able to use the cable.

    1.) Is this cable licensed to only one car?
    2.) If so, can I get software/hardware that will enable me to use this like my Tech2? In other words, like a factory or even generic scan tool?
    3.) Is the Autotap the scanner software and the EFIliveV5 software the tuning software? Its been so long since I've used this type of software. Most of the tools I use at work nowadays are manufacture tools.

    Just so you know, I'm a driveability tech by don't be worried about speaking very technically to me. I just need to know if this cable & software is still useful to me at all. I think I bought this thing when I was doing some tuning on a ZL1 late model camaro if I'm not mistaken.

    Thanks in advance.



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    Hi John, welcome again to the forum

    AutoTap is not licensed to a vehicle.
    EFILive V5 is not licensed to a vehicle.

    There are several things:
    - the AutoTap cable does not provide the ability to flash PCM's;
    - the EFILive V5 software does not provide the ability to flash PCM's;

    To flash late model [Gen5] Camaro you will need the EFILive FlashScan V2 interface (and software V7/V8).

    I pm'd Tech Support for more guidance.


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    I'll close the incident you logged in the Helpdesk system (seems you may have entered an incorrect email as it was getting bounce backs).

    EFILive V5 and V6 are only Scan Tools, that is they do not have tuning functionality. EFILive does have tuning products now, but the tuning functionality is supported only on our own EFILive FlashScan hardware interfaces. The current V7 software supports the AutoTap cable as a scan interface. So if you were interested we could verify the details you provided and give you an upgraded V7 Scan Tool license?

    With you AutoTap being serial and your new laptop being USB only that could cause a problem also. I know AutoTap did make an ATUSB cable which we support. What I don't know is if the AutoTap serial interface would work at all if connected via a USB<->Serial converter.

    If you were interested in tuning supported vehicles using EFILive you would need to purchase say the FlashScan V2 Scan and Tune product.

    EFILive Crew

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    Thanks for replying so quickly Andrew & Joe.

    Ok. So from what I gather from your messages.....

    1.) I can still use my cable on my HP computer which has a docking station and a serial port.
    2.) I'll also have to download V7 & install it onto both of my laptops.
    3.) I can't use a Serial to USB converter on my newer Toshiba laptop, but you do make a cable USB cable? And does that mean I have to replace the original interface as well? Or can I just buy the USB portion of the cable & use my old interface?
    4.) Are you sure that I can't use a USB to Serial adapter? Have you ever tried it? I'm guessing they might be cheap enough at Frys to give it a try. Or should I not do that because of the possibility of crossing circuits & causing damage to the interface & possibly my laptop as well?
    5.) Does the V7 version of Auto Tap give you all the D.I.Y. functions of graphing like I saw on the Auto Tap website? & will that work with my old interface? Any updating speed differences between the Serial cable vs. the USB cable? Or is that in the software. My Tech II updates parameter data pretty rapidly, but of course...doesn't have the large screen my laptop does.

    I found my LS1 & LT1 edit cables, so I guess thats what I was using back then for making tune changes. I'm pretty sure their interfaces are licensed to their respective ECU's. Besides, as I remember, LS1 & LT1 were pretty archaic. I might look into your tuning software as I'm probably going to compare whats out there nowadays.

    I also meant to ask....what years does EFI live & AutoTap cover? I'm assuming that it does not do CAN buss networks. And are there bi-directional functions available (i.e. Clearing ABS lights, Ck Eng lights, exercising BCM functions on a Cadillac, etc.)

    Not sure why you couldn't email me at my old email addy. I checked it the other day, it's still working.

    Thanks again for all your help. I remember how good you guys were with your customer services (as opposed to car programmer).

    John Stevenson

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    1) To run your AutoTap cable with V7 you will need a V7 AutoTap license, email EFILive support for one.

    4) I think it will be ok to try a USB-Serial adpater, I believe it can't damage the interface, as far as I can tell.

    5) V7 software give you gauges/charts/maps above and beyond the ability of AutoTap software.

    The PCM serial bit rate is able to be handled by Serial cable (USB supports a faster rate than Serial, but PCM emits data slow enough that Serial is sufficient).

    The AutoTap cable should work on any GM OBD-II PCM running the Class2/VPW protocol (i.e. before CAN/GMLAN came out).

    V7 supports bidirectional ability on the PCM only (clear CEL, CASE relearn, idle speed, AFR, ignition timing, injector disable, clear trims, clear TAP, and others).

    The V7 scantool/tunetool software is very integrated, makes tuning a very much simpler process than using AutoTap, LS1edit, and spreadsheets.

    The EFILive hardware interface is a bit pricey, but if you do have the budget it is well worth it.

    Available hardware interfaces:
    FlashScan V2 (has LCD, SD card slot, serial comms wideband support, VPW/CAN)
    FlashScan V1 (cheaper, more compact, analog wideband support VPW only)
    Supported Vehicles

    The software is free (as always), download/install from here to try it out: software
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    I see. So in order to get Can buss availability, I need to upgrade from the autotap interface to the Flashscan V2 then?

    I have EFILive V5 (ver 5.26.8 Build 454) and use my autotap interface to use it. Are you saying the EFILive hardware now is different? So if I get this new V7 software that my EFILive V5 software will be obsolete? I was assuming that the autotap software and EFILive software were different. Is there a new version of the autotap software thats futher than the 2.04 ver that I have?

    Thanks again fellows. =)

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    Yes, I don't believe your early AutoTap cable supports CAN, and it does not provide the ability to flash the PCM/ECM.

    Yes, EFILive has two hardware interfaces:
    FlashScan V2
    FlashScan V1
    Supported Vehicles

    V7 software replaces V5 software.

    Yes, EFILive software is different than AutoTap Software.

    I think AutoTap's latest software version is 3.01 (dated 8/20/2007).

    To try out EFILive V7 software, you can download/install it from here: V7 software

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    Back when you would have purchased EFILive V5 with AutoTap there was no FlashScan interface or EFILive tuning product. It was common in those days that customers would use the V5 Scan Tool and then flash with LS1Edit.

    CAN is supported only on our FlashScan V2 interface, so if you were interested in this you would need the FlashScan V2 Scan and Tune product.
    EFILive Crew

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    Can FlashScan V3 lock/unlock tune files secured with FlashScan V2?

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