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Thread: Failed reflash trailblazer colorado il6 -- avoid by pulling fuses

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    Default Failed reflash trailblazer colorado il6 -- avoid by pulling fuses

    UPDATE--Anyone having failed re-flashes on Trailbazers, Colorados or any
    IL6 application where the re-flash stops about 1/3 of the way and then locks up--Car then won't start and is completly dead
    I had had a friend with a TECH II read the ECM and it says to unplug the following fuses:
    Under the rear drivers seat fuse box--- # 6 and # 51--
    #6 is for the brake light and # 51 says LGM/DSM ( don't know what that actually is)
    Unlike most GM applications where the radio---amp---accessory--- Bose---aux. or Info fuses are pulled----Have no idea why #6 and #51 are correct but must have some hidden reason why it interupts communication
    YES--flash worked and tune successfully downloaded !!! 99.99% the ECM is not fried and the tune can be re-covered---
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    LGM = liftgate module, I just replaced mine on my 02 P10 and am going to try and flash my stock PCM again. Never had an issue until the LGM went out, fought it for 2 weeks and just got everything fixed. Will report back.

    Works now that the LGM is replaced and working, flashing just fine with V8. Still having a weird issue with V7.5 and BBF, going to report on it now.
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    Some of GM's platforms really made a mess of the VPW module behaviour. Sometimes pulling fuses is the only option (as stated on GM's TIS website).
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    I6 p12 Envoys have issues as well.

    Ill try pulling those fuses and see if it helps with my issue.

    I attempted a flash it failed.

    I tried to do a full flash as recommended in another thread and it also failed.

    Just says retrying previous block.

    Then PCM in unknown state.

    Ill try popppin those fuses and see if it doesnt help me with my issue.

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    Fixed it.. Ill document how i recovered it shortly

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