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    Default FAILED RE-FLASH p10

    UPDATE--Anyone having failed re-flashes on Trailbazers, Colorados or any
    IL6 application where the re-flash stops about 1/3 of the way and then locks up--Car then won't start and is completly dead
    I had had a friend with a TECH II read the ECM and it says to unplug the following fuses:
    Under the rear drivers seat fuse box--- # 6 and # 51--
    #6 is for the brake light and # 51 says LGM/DSM ( don't know what that actually is)
    Unlike most GM applications where the radio---amp---accessory--- Bose---aux. or Info fuses are pulled----Have no idea why #6 and #51 are correct but must have some hidden reason why it interupts communication
    YES--flash worked and tune successfully downloaded !!! 99.99% the ECM is not fried and the tune can be re-covered---

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    Try with V8 before you bother pulling any fuses, I couldnt flash my P10 with V7.5 but fired up V8 and it recovered the calibration and flashed perfectly without touching any fuses.
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