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Thread: Calc.VET: correcting MAF and calculating VE (in single log)

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    Here is the E67 calc_pids.txt file, rename it to calc_pids.txt, move it to folder C:\Users\<you>\Documents\EFILive\V7.5\User Configuration

    then start the scantool, select the pid CALC.WO2BEN and/or CALC.SELBEN, and then on these same pids go rightclick->More Info to see which other pids need to be selected also.

    In your tune file, table B0179 is all zeros, which I was not expecting, so in the calc_pids.txt you will see that the pid CALC.B0179 looks up zeros... when you get table B0179 populated with better values, we can update the pid CALC.B0179 with the same values.
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