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Thread: V2 VIN license problem

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    Default V2 VIN license problem

    I am working with an 02 2.2L 5spd. I licensed the PCM like normal and when I went to flash the PCM I got another message saying it is not licensed. I looked at the V2 license list and it took one of my open license slots? How do I proceed from here?
    Aaron L.
    Conover, NC

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    Try disconnecting everything, closing the tune file down and then plugging the V2 in again, open the tune file and try to flash. Reboot your laptop if it doesnt work the first time. Ive had it where I get the not licensed message even on my truck that Ive been tuning with the same V2 for 4+ years, just let the reset countdown go and try it again. Always works. Also, check the PCM calibration details and check the serial number of the controller, sometimes EFILive reads it incorrectly and needs to disconnect and reconnect to the controller again to get it right. Rarely happens, but it always flashes after a few mins!
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    Also check the software and firmware are up to date. Some ECMs return unexpected characters as part of their serial number which the software has to try and deal with.
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    Restarting/Rebooting fixed it. I've never seen this happen before but I'll know next time. Thanks everyone for the help.
    Aaron L.
    Conover, NC

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