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Thread: $050(something) script error or I'm just plain missing something

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    Default $050(something) script error or I'm just plain missing something

    OK, so I renaimed my tune files to .ctd, and copied them over the the Flashscan V2,
    But when I went to flash tha cal, all I got was the $050(i forgot the last number) script error, and yes, I searched here, but found not the answer I was looking for. I know I'm missing something really simple here...
    LS1B 2007 Express 6.0 /w 470,000+ miles (parked as of 01April2011)

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    Hello Wolfie,

    That has happen to me before ... $0502 or $0505 script error. You need to program the BBX controllers. Open EFILive Explorer .. check configure tab ... should be an "Options.txt" file and then numerous controller files. If this is empty, or missing some files .. open V8 Scan & Tune and program the BBX controllers. The problem I had was choosing the "Program only selected controllers" option ... when I selected the "Program all" option the V2 worked OK again.

    The above is from memory ... the equipment is at the shop .. and I'm at home !!

    Hope this helps ...


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    would this be the same issue if using an autocal?

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