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Thread: Missing tune tables

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    Default Missing tune tables

    Im trying to tune my friends truck. Its a 2010 LMM with the 94 OS. All the LMM tunes i have are the old 83 OS. I know you cant run a script on different OS's so im copying and pasting the tables one by one. I got all the tables copied and pasted except a few i cant find. I looked under the history of the older tune and it showed all the tables that have been modified except a few of the tables i click on it wont let me open them up because it says B112 not found. I was wondering why it would do this and if the table is important or not.

    Does anyone know if not using these tables would affect how the truck would run or if i can run it like it is now with these tables missing?

    Ive gone through all the tables and cant seem to find them. I dont think the LMM has these tables but apperantly a LBZ does. Is it possible this tune is based off a LBZ tune?

    here are the tables it wont let me open up.

    B1115-pedal position to desired torque
    B1116-pedal position to desired torque 4lo
    B1102-torque base fuel
    B0909-timing base B
    B0910-timing base C
    B0950-timing base D

    Here are the two tunes im trying to copy. The first one is the original tune, the second is the one im copying all the tables to. Thanks in adance for the help
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    2005 CC/SB 2500HD Duramax Diesel
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    Tuned by me
    Raptor 150GPH lift pump
    Tie rod sleeves
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    Thats a good question like if you script on OS and apply it to anohter OS but one OS is missing a few tables. Like I scripted a 94 LMM OS and applied it to the older one. So will it not just fill in the tables that are missing or mess things up? Truck seems to run great, just trying to understand all this. I know I might run into issues making a script of an older OS and trying to script into an OS that has more tables.

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    The missing tables are not present to be filled in...

    the tunetool prints an error message for the missing table, and continues on with the remainder of the script.

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