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Thread: Installed MTX wideband - first thoughts

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    Default Installed MTX wideband - first thoughts

    Hi all,

    I will get round to posting my actual install at some point but my home internet is down so no pics, and threads without pics on installs are not the best.

    Anyways, just some first thoughts:

    Really like the unit, nice and compact all in one, wires in very easily, nice digital gauge so you can see AFR all the time

    The car seems to run already at Stockiometric (after removing my battery and resetting trims) but then the trims start to add fuel so it's steadily richening up (+10-15%). I'm going to do the auto VE and auto MAF when my serial cable arrives.

    Also, I was supprised to see the car runs leaner at the top than commanded, commands 11.7, AFR is 12.4, but again, the LTFT are then beginning to add fuel so it is richening. Anyway, it's clear to see that something in the stock tune if definitly out, as i'm clearly getting more air than the PCM thinks at WOT

    A couple of questions though,

    The bung is 1" long supplied with the MTX, so the tip of the WB is just flush with the exhaust pipe, however mine is about 2-3mm longer, just due to mounting over another previous bung hole. This shouldn't cause the WB to read leaner than usual would it, as it still is getting a reading and does change a soon as the pedal is mashed etc?

    I'm also going to check my narrowband switch points by commanding 14.7 but without LTFT, so hopefully I'll get a average reading of the switch over, will this work??

    FInal remark is the holy grail, can I 'trust' the WB, it seems to track the driving well, but is it assumed that the free air cal sets everything up correctly as calibrated by many hours of reseach and testing by innovate in the factory ??

    thanks all, and write up to come

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    hi guys, open other thread for install stuff and some questions also on tuning

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    Maudy, thanks for the review...

    If you run in CL you should see wideband lambda being tight on stoich.

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