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    Default high idle help

    new at diesel, i work at a gm dealership (yeah for me lol) anyway we sold a company a cab and chassis in 03. the vechicle is back in the shop for repair.The resolution was a ecm, the problem is the truck had a valet/dsp2 switch added elsewhere. I am trying to get the high idle func back operating (is NOT equipped with cruise.) I have tried the dsp2 cust calibration-but there isnt a high idle table avalible for func #2.I am beyond brain fried here. I can not find in the tutorials for either adding a table or installing a valet switch. PLEASE HELP!The truck is a 2003 2500hd with 6spd manual, it has a added on muncie pto. I just need to get a high idle func on this truck! Thanks again...really any lead way help is greatly appreciated
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    Default re- high idle

    or any thoughts on a valet switch and info on how to do so
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    Does your replacement ECM have teh PTO function enabled in it? Without a cruise control switch you will need a PTO switch to raise the idle speed which will require an ECM cal with the PTO function enabled in it.
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    Thanks for repling back THEFERMANATOR, yes I did have all of that set-up w/ tech 2 in pto functions. The problem was where the input for the switch was located in pin 31 c1 ground signal (like for dsp2) that is where previous installer had it, so I switched it to pin 71 or72 c1 and used a 12v input and works well. Just need a cool off period to rethink this thing out....would be awesome if v2 had a idle table for dsp.Thanks again for youre time and input.

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