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Thread: The dreaded 03 lb7 ecm crash! Ross Cindy?

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    Default The dreaded 03 lb7 ecm crash! Ross Cindy?

    Well I was trying to help a friend by loading a tow tune in his 03 lb7. After getting the ECM Locked prompt multiple times when trying to download his stock file I was finally able to get it to download. Knowing the history of these bastard corrupt ecm's after being reflashed by the dealer i was kind of skeptical of moving foward with tuning his truck, but did so any way. So I went ahead and married the liscense to his vin and started uploading the tow tune. 5K Megabytes into the upload it locked up on me saying it was trying to reconnect to the ecm. After 3 hours of letting it try to reconnect I gave up. I tried to load the tune in again, and all I get is Bootloader rejected. Truck won't start/turn over. I figured the Pass Lock/VATS was causing this, so I tried to relearn that. No worky.

    I have another 03 ecm, and was wondering if I use a Tech 2 can I load the proper tune in it by using his VIN? I know I'll have to marry the ecm to the bcm using the VATS relearn.
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    Have you tried to FULL FLASH the stock file back in? This is done by the SECOND red arrow next to the "cal flash" (first) red arrow...

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    Oh yeah. I get the big red square. BOOTLOADER REJECTED. I'm going to pull his ecm and put it in my truck and try to load it again. He has an aftermarket Satelite radio in his. I pulled all the fuses but was told that if it has an inline harness that pulling fuses won't work.
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    Batteries getting low?

    I have your ECM's in stock if you need another.
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    Make sure you're using the latest software available here:
    I recommend saving the *.tun file as a *.ctd file using the EFILive V7.5 Tune Tool software, then use the V8 EFILive Scan And Tune software to flash the controller. The V8 flash routines are better than the V7.5 flash routines.

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