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Thread: scantool "mode not supported"

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    Default scantool "mode not supported"

    im having a problem trying to data log after i connect to my truck and go to click on the real time data button it pulls up an error code 11: and says mode not supported. Anyone else had this problem? thanks btw its an lmm if that matters

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    Please ensure that you don't have any non-supported PIDs selected, and also that you don;t have more than 24 channels of data selected. Probably the best thing to check first is:
    1) That you have the latest software and firmware (see below knowledgebase articles).
    2) Try logging a default PID list ('Duramax LBZ Imperial' for instance) and see if that works. If that does work then it does suggest that you have either too many PIDs, or unsupported PIDs selected.

    Knowledgebase articles for software and firmware updates:
    - Software
    - Firmware

    EFILive Crew

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