Ok guys I REALLY need some help with my project.

I posted this on another board, but the people dont seem to be half as knowledgeable as some of the tuners on here.


Alright guys...heres the deal....

My truck is a 1998 Chevy s10 2.2L 4 cylinder.

I am in the process of swaping in a 406 carbureted small block chevy (stay with me here....)

I plan on swapping over the 2.2L oil pressure sensor, engine coolant temp, knock sensor, intake air temp sensor, and MAP sensor to my traditonal small block. I am doing this for two reasons....first off, I want to be able to data log, and second to keep all of my gauges and BCM stuff functional.

Now here is the technical part I am going to need help with...

The 2.2L motor has a crankshaft position sensor, and a camshaft position sensor, obviously my 197x 400 block does NOT. It is my understanding that the sensors used by the 2.2 for cam and crank are hall effect? so.......

1. If I were to use a hall effect small block chevy setup (msd flying magnet/ holley balancer setup etc), would the PCM be able to accept and interpret this signal for crank? Is there an area in the maps I can adjust the sensor values to register correctly?

2. What are my options for camshaft position? Could I use the normal magnetic output from the distributor to the pcm?

3. Which of the two signals are used for RPM? If its only one, what is the other sensor used for? Ignition timing? If thats the case I can just not hook it up sense I will be running a distributor correct?

With all that being said, I plan on just zeroing out the fuel and spark tables so the carburetor and distributor can do its job.

In theory will this all work and provide me with a good data-logger?
I have to keep the oem PCM anyway to run the cluster, so I figure I might as well put it to work!

I know it sounds like a lot of work....and to most of you its probably stupid but I am on a tight budget and it is what I have to work with. My motor is a proven combination and has made over 500whp, and I already have hptuners from a previous project....so I am just kinda using whats on the table...

Any and all help would be greatly appriciated guys. I just want to make sure I am on the right track here!


Update: Apparently the s10 2.2 uses a 7x/1x signal for the pcm. Can this signal value be edited in the PCM tune? If not will a standard crank trigger give me the correct value to register rpm? This is the part im stuck on...

For example, would the pcm recognize a sender like this?