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Thread: Public Release Update June 24, 2011

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    Default Public Release Update June 24, 2011

    The EFILive V7.5 and V8 software is available for download.

    This release includes the 5.9 Cummins Scanning and Tuning support.
    Read more about the Cummins features here:

    Download here:

    Auto Update:
    The Auto Update option is scheduled to be activated on Monday June 27 US time. Until then you need to download and install the software manually.
    Once the Auto Update option is activated your system will see it as a new update and download and install it, regardless of whether you have downloaded and installed this release manually or not.

    Known Issues:

    Issue #1
    Some PC's/laptops will freeze when attempting to start the V7.5 Tuning Tool software while FlashScan and/or AutoCal is connected. The problem appears to be an incompatibility between the newest USB drivers and some customer's PC/laptop configurations.
    Please revert back to the older USB drivers. To do that, select Start->All Programs->EFILive->V8->Tools->USB Manager, then click on the [Install USB V2.02.04] button.
    Issue #2
    If you select a Cummins controller in the V7.5 software, the GM enhanced PIDs will be removed from the scan charts and replaced by the term "Unused". Those PIDs are not restored even after re-selecting a GM controller.
    Issue #3
    The Allison 5 speed full flash does not work. There is currently no workaround.
    Reporting Issues:
    If you discover any serious problems/faults, please create a support case here:
    If you discover simple/trivial issues, please make a note of them in this thread.

    What's new in this update:

    V7.5.7 Build 167 (June 24, 2011)

    • Updated Cummins calibrations to include
      • Speed Limiter adjustment.
      • Tire size adjustment.
      • Intake Air Heater control.

    • Added speed limiter calibrations for all E39 & E78 OS's
    • Added support for E39 OS 12646099
    • Added support for E37 OS 12628961
    • Fixed potential checksum error with E39 OS 12643377.
    • Fixed axis error for table B0183 on all E37 OS's
    • Fixed scaling on dynamic vehicle testing controls.
    • Fixed scaling for Cummins injector balance rate Scan Tool PIDs.
    • Added transmission self clean DVT control for T43.
    • Fixed phantom DTC B2011 that sometimes appears after a reflash attempt on Cummins controllers.
    • Fixed DTC display in V7.5 Scan Tool for Cummins controllers.
    • Added new controllers to the auto-detect matrix for V8 software.

    V8.2.1 Build 158 (June 24, 2011)

    • Fixed script files not being updated when clicking the [Program] button.
    • Added "*.tun" file option to Windows XP open file dialog boxes.
    • When "saving for remote flashing" the software now warns the user if the filename exceedes the filename length limit for FlashSCan/AutoCal devices.
    • EFILive HAPI now correctly processes the Windows shutdown command and shuts down silently when Windows shuts down.
    • All script files (*.obj) have had their version numbers increased and must be updated on customer's AutoCal and FlashScan devices. Otherwise they may end up with $050B "Script file not supported by current firmware version" errors.

    FlashScan/AutoCal Firmware V2.07.13 (Jun 23, 2011)

    • Fixed DTC display for Cummins controllers.

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