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Thread: Public Release Update July 03, 2011

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    Default Public Release Update July 03, 2011

    The EFILive V7.5 and V8 software is available for download.

    Auto Update:
    The "Check For New Update" option is active. It is the preferred method for updating your EFILive software. If you experience any software issues after using the "Check For New Update" option, please download the software manually from the link below.

    Manual download/install available here:
    If you manually download the software from the link above and then use the "Check For New Update" option, the auto update will still update your software. So after manually installing the software there is no need to immediately perform the "Check for New Update".

    Known Issues:

    Issue #1
    Sometimes at the start of a read or flash operation the V7.5 software will complain that it cannot communicate with the FlashScan device. Sometimes after clicking [Ok] the software is able to reconnect. Sometimes you need to restart the read or flash procedure and other times you need to exit and restart the Tuning Tool application.
    We are trying to find a set of actions that can reliably reproduce that situation. If you know of any way to cause that error to occur reliably, please let us know at
    Issue #2
    In the V7.5 software, some controllers continue to show the diagnostic trouble code B2911. It is not a real trouble code from the controller. It is generated incorrectly by the CAN-VPW bridge used in the FlashScan/AutoCal firmware. Please ignore it.
    Reporting Issues:
    If you discover any serious problems/faults, please create a support case here:
    If you discover simple/trivial issues, please make a note of them in this thread.

    What's new in this update:

    V7.5.7 Build 170 (July 03, 2011)

    • Fixed Allison 5 speed full flash failure.
    • PIDs were being deleted (but not restored) from dashboard charts when changing between Cummins and GM controllers.
    • Added support for E39 OS 12647088.
    • European locale settings are now handled correctly when generating and playing back scripts.
    • LS1 Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) redundancy tables were not being updated correctly.
    • Forced V7.5 to abort reading/flashing if/when the firmware in FS/AC does not match. (V7.5.7.170 requires firmware V2.07.14)

    V8.2.1 Build 160 (July 03, 2011)

    • Updated E39 cal flash to handle 2012 model year.
    • Updated the Error Codes document - can be viewed from the V8->Documents Start menu.
    • All script files (*.obj) have had their version numbers increased and must be updated on customer's AutoCal and FlashScan devices. Otherwise they may end up with $050B "Script file not supported by current firmware version" errors.

    FlashScan/AutoCal Firmware V2.07.14 (July 03, 2011)

    • The latest FTDI USB drivers (V2.08.14) cause V7.5 to hang on many customers' machines. Installer now defaults to installing the old (V2.02.04) drivers.
    • Boot loader failures are now reported. Error codes are available in updated Error Codes document (error codes: $0600-$06FF)

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