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Thread: E38 Reduced power mode

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    Default E38 Reduced power mode

    I was having some issues tuning a 2010 Camaro. After pulling my hair out and still not finding the issue, I've decided to try a new E38 PCM. For now let's not discuss what those issues were. I got another PCM from a 2010 Camaro with the same service #. After installing the new PCM, I did a full reflash with all the resets and relearns (anti theft, crank, idle, imobilizer so on). I even had onstar do a relearn procedure. I transferred the VE tables and MAF tables from the previous PCM. The car drives perfectly with all the right trims but under medium to hard acceleration it goes into Power Redution Mode (No codes). What's causing this? What can I do to prevent this?

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    What is done to the car????


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    Headers, air box, Magnuson SC. I've done 15-20 of these and never had a problem tuning them. After having problems with the fuel trims, I diagnosed and narrowed the problem to the PCM. With the new PCM everthing is as it is supposed be except going into power reduction mode. The old PCM did not do this.

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    easy, post your file and will do it for you. Then, you just need to compare both files to view the changes.

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