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Thread: OS3 installed

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    Default OS3 installed

    I have done autoVE over the past few days and got it to a stage where i could upgrade my program to the new OS3 and setup all the other tables.

    It all worked fine. I now have a duel spark table, lean cruise enabled, PE at 95% and stoic to 75MAP then blending to similar to PE. I may as well turn PE off.

    I have even enabled IAT correction from data i collected while building the new VE table and i have it at about 1% correction every 10 deg.

    At the moment i have my desired spark table 3 deg above the lower one. I will trim them both together for a while keeping a 3 deg gap and then aim to pump up the hioctane table in cooler conditions.

    How do i set the amount of knock needed to learn either way with the spark tables. I would also like to plan how i can setup a table for ethanol fuel as well.

    Having some trouble with surging - have played a little with the timing correction of hi and low idle. But i think the issue is with idle air or something else.

    My VE table is not ideal near 400-800 i wish there was a 600 row as well !

    Great work Blacky and GMPX its a sweet and powerful package you have created.

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    What size injectors are you running that you don't have ideal VE in the 400/800 rows?
    Are you constantly getting autoVE of like high 70's low 80's BEN?
    That is what I am seeing on the cars I have done with 60lb injectors.

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    I just made the 400rpm and 800rpm cells much more similar hoping this may help some idle issues. I have 36lb injectors.

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    Flyer - are these the 36 lb GTP (white) injectors?? If they are I have Injector Offset and Pulsewidth Tables from an ASA tune (58 psi fuel pressure) - if you want them.

    What are you tuning?? Mods??



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    They are the common SVO30 injectors. But thanks anyway.

    The car is a VX Clubsport 216 220 Cam 114LSA 1.8 rockers
    SS3600 Qtecs Ported TB (like a S3) 3.73 25% UDP
    Ported Heads at 10.7:1
    Its run 11.765/115 1.622 on MT ET street Radials.
    This was pre-heads.
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