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Thread: EQ or AFR

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    Question EQ or AFR

    First allow me to say hello to all. I have a problem with doing the SD auto Ve set up as it states to set it by either EQ or AFR. Mine only states Lambda at the 0.833. So which of the values am I to use with this? Any help would be great as I am new to this kind of tuning.

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    First off you didn't give enough information to describe your problem.

    To change calibrations from Imperial/metric:

    Click on Edit> Configure calibrations, high light the calibration you want to change and make the change at the bottom of the page.

    To change Lambda, AFRs, EQ ratios:

    Click on Edit> Properties and make your change from the drop down window of the value that you want to change.

    Hope this helps. Curt
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