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Thread: E38 6.0 Streetrod/Stanalone Swap - Very little ignition TIming

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    Default E38 6.0 Streetrod/Stanalone Swap - Very little ignition TIming

    Hoping someone can help me out-

    I've installed a 2008 6.0 and transmission into a street rod. I have a timing problem. The engine runs proper timing at idle and part throttle cruise, but as you tip into the throttle the timing decreases significantly all the way down to the 0-5 degree range. I have shut off all of the normal things you would in a street rod type application. I am using the T42 TCM. I am using a E38 ECM with a 2007 4.8 liter calibration to get around the cylinder de-activation system.

    There are no codes in the ECM or TCM, but I'm thinking there is something that it doesn't like.

    Any help or educated thoughts would be appreciated!


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    A log and a tune file will help out.
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    sorry duplicate
    "Trash that carb and get Injected!"

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    Is "tip in" torque mgt active?

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    OK, we definitely need a tune if you're trying to use a different OS with a different size engine. Did you set the cylinder volume correctly?

    Are you running a MAF?

    What do you mean "get around the cylinder deactivation", just using a tune without it doesnt turn it should really disable everything from the original tune (or a tune for your engine from a different platform).
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    There are a number of things that may be causing this.

    • Torque Reduction from the TCM.
    • Torque Reduction in the ECM.
    • If the original tune file was for a manual, you may be triggering CFCO timing.
    • Any of the many spark correction maps for ECT, IAT, ETC.

    As Erik says, post a log and the tune.


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