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Thread: AEM UEGO wideband Pid?

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    Default AEM UEGO wideband Pid?


    It might be a stupid question, but i can not find the proper pid to work with my W02, a AEM 30-2310

    Can i make my own PID, or modify an existing one?



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    Serial pids are available.
    For analog you'll need to make one for that model.

    The transfer function for the output is listed below.
    AFR = 2.375(V) + 7.3125
    AFR (14.7) = "({EXT.AD1}*2.375)+7.3125"
    LAMBDA = "({EXT.AD1}*0.1616)+0.4970"
    512k RoadRunner Firmware 12.14R
    FlashScan V2 Bootblock V2.07.04 Firmware V2.07.22 EFILive V7.5.7 (Build 191) V8.2.1 (Build 181)
    LC-1 WBO2


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    Thanks, got it working

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