I know it has been discussed that and said that the LML ECM can no longer be read out due to the new coding in the ECM that prevents reading. What about using a ROADRUNNER type set-up installed into the ECM? I see MOATES is still selling them on there site, and thought that maybe this could be a way of doing this. Or what about getting some tuners in the states equipped to open the ECM physically and read out the tune, then they could in turn put the tune on a flash drive or something and send it back to the customer for tuning? This would still allow the owner of the vehicle to use HIS tune out of his ECM, but he would have a copy of it that he could now adjust accordingly and then flash into his truck. I'm not trying to open a can of worms here, just trying to throw ideas as I know ALOT of LML owners would really like to be able to use EFILIVE on there new trucks to make them exactly how they want them.