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Thread: How to determine how many Vin Licenses I have remaining...Please help

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    Default How to determine how many Vin Licenses I have remaining...Please help

    This is a stupid question I know, but Im in a "tight spot" and need some help...I have to sell my flashscan because of family circumstances...its been forever since i've used it. I am 4 hours away (at work) from my wife, who has the flashscan with her at home. I have the serial # and activation how do I look up or reference how many Vin Licenses I have remaining? I need to be able to tell the folks I'm selling it to an accurate number...can this be done without hooking it to a car? at this point i don't even have the software installed on my computer (as the laptop I had it on died).

    Sorry to ask such an uninformed question.

    Thanks for any who can help!

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    Just sent you response PM that said:

    Assuming you have a V2, it needs to be hooked up to the USB port of the computer (with the USB drivers installed) or a car so you can read the LCD screen.
    Then on the V2 keypad you navigate to the following.
    Press, F4 (Options)
    Press, F3 (Licensing)
    Press, F2 (VIN Licenses)
    Then use the arrow keys to scroll to the bottom of the list and look for any slot that shows 'Available", that is an open license.

    If you have a V1 then it will need to be plugged in to a PC and the license details need to be read from the V7 software.


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    On the LCD screen when she pressed F4) she gets these choices f1) licensing, f2) memory card, f3) security, f4) self we hit f1 for licensing.

    Then we get choices of F1) display license, f2) add vin license, f3) add scream, so she hits f1)

    Then she gets this....flashscan info
    serial: 003632XXXXXX
    license: 00363XXXXXX
    config: 97
    Cal only: 21
    Full flash:0
    firmware ver:2.04.60
    date: 30 June 2007
    DATE: 10 NOV 2006

    Is anyone familiar with this older firmware...and can determine how many Vin Licenses are remaining?

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    I am trying to update my EFIlive V2 with current boot block and firmware and I'm getting an error message that says "could not locate any firmware that matches the current boot block version." Under status it says that the Flashscan V2 is connected. It is showing "N/A" for the version and date under Flashscan V2 boot block. It says to update boot block to version 2.07.03. Additionally, when the USB is connecting the flashscan V2 to the computer the EFIlive scan and tune program says "no device connected, please connect a flashscan USB device."

    What do I need to do to get this fixed so I can update this device?

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