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    Default transmission swap

    Is it possible to program 1998 L31 Vortec pcm from 4L80E to a 4L60E transmission with EFI Live soft ware. Have V2 flashscan software, new user used to different software for German cars. Thanks for any input.

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    Hello Autohouse,

    The 1998-2000 Vortec "black box" PCMs are supported by EFILive software. If you have an existing 1998 tune from a 5.7 L and 4L80 vehicle, you will also need to obtain a 1998 tune with the same OS (operating system) equipped with a 4L60 - and then use the "Copy entire segment" function to import or swap the transmission calibration segment and transmission diagnostic segment.

    Check out the Tune File Depot website ... for the tune that you require.

    While you are at it ... it maybe worth while to upgrade to an LS1-B PCM ... often referred to as an "0411 swap".


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