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Thread: What can efi live do for my 06 cummins?

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    Default What can efi live do for my 06 cummins?

    Sorry stupid question but I have an 06 cummins lifted 4inches with an afe air box, straight 4inch exhaust no muffler but otherwise stock. Im trying to decide if I should do the efi or the smarty. I'm worried about my stock automatic transmission so I don't want to go with more than 75 or so extra horsepower. Also I want to be able to reset my speedometer so my 33 inch tires will be set to it. Any help or comments would be appreciated thanks!

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    Anything u want with smarty you can do that with efilive much more efficiently without any limitations. There is no comparison...With efilive you can go from 10+hp up to 200+.

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    Yeah man. With EFI Live you can make more power than Smarty. Plus do it with more or less smoke, and way better drivability since you can adjust the tune in small incremental sections across the entire tune.
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