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Thread: 2011 OS upgrade to 2012 OS

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    Post 2011 OS upgrade to 2012 OS

    I have a 2011 pickup with an E78 I would like to update to a 2012. I have an upload from a 2012 of identical configuration. I continually get an error $0540 - Operating system mismatch.

    Has anyone been able to do this performing a full flash?

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    That error means that the OS is not compatible with the ECM.

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    And if you do flash it, you will guaranteed brick your ECM. Thats why this check is in place, some OSs for the Gen IV controllers cannot be put in different hardware.
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    It's always best to check on CalID to see what the latest update for your vehicle is, even if you could go to a 2012 OS, it might cause problems with other modules in the truck.
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