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Thread: LTFT desired values for idle, light throttle, WOT

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    Default LTFT desired values for idle, light throttle, WOT


    I am not sure what the desirable long term fuel trim values are
    for (manual transmission, 2000 LS1 engine, F-body):

    1. car fully warmed up, car at idle for several minutes
    (when near stock my car would gradually go to +22...24% from whatever value it was when driving

    2. car fully warmed up, light load, light throttle, say 4th gear going 45 mph

    3. car fully warmed up, WOT (or in PE mode)

    Maybe there is a reference table where the LTFTs are supposed to be versus the fuel cell numbers?



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    the LTFTs are suppose to be -5 to 0 everywhere and 0 at WOT.

    if you where getting +22, then you have a problem. Maybe your MAF is dirty

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    Possible causes:
    a. air leak up stream of front O2 sensor;
    b. air leak down stream of MAF sensor;
    c. IFR, VE, MAF tables don't match your mods.

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    Mine was at 25% and I found a crack in my intake by the MAP sensor.

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