Hello everyone! I'm new to the EFIlive world. So far, I've had a lot of fun getting familiar with the software and I've learned a lot about aspects of my car I was previously unfamiliar with.

Since I don't have any experience with scanning, logging, tuning, etc... I don't really know what to make of the information the tool is capable of gathering and displaying! I thought I would toss out a few log files to see if anyone has any comments or helpful info for a newbie. The car: 2000 Pontiac Trans Am ws.6. 165,000 miles. Has an aftermarket lid, underdrive pullies, long tubes wrapped with header wrap, off road y-pipe (AIR & EGR were removed when the longtubes were installed 3 months ago). I'm pretty sure the car has the original tune and I know it has not been tuned since I installed the longtubes. I would love to have the car tuned by a local tuner but funds are currently tight. The car feels like it lost some low end torque but other than that the car runs like a well oiled machine.

With that said how do my log files look? : ) How about the PID's I selected? Any PID's I should consider logging / or ignoring?

I attached the log files and the dashpage (changed to zip files so rename them to .vdp) that I modified slightly to work for me.