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Thread: Using HPT to get EFI injector data???

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    Default Using HPT to get EFI injector data???

    It seems HPT has many more of the FORD releated fields in there system for helping use injector data. Could using HPT to upload to the PCM then use EFI to extract get the converted data I need???

    Just a thought....

    Added option If I set the IFR using the Spreadsheet on here or the ford data as I think that might be more acurate can I use the below to sort out the PW Table?

    GM.IBPW does include all offset adders & can be "proven" quite easily.
    Calculate the amount of fuel that needs to be injected by logging your airmass DMA pid. (Using the DMA pids tells you what the PCM is basing its calculations on.) Divide this by the commanded AFR to give you the fuelmass that needs to be injected. Then divide this by your IFR to give you the pulsewidth in seconds needed to supply that amount of fuel. Multiply by 1000 to give you milliseconds. I call this CALC.IPW & use this to base a lot of calculations on.
    You will see quite clearly that GM.IBPW & CALC.IPW do not match by a reasonable difference.(CALC.IPW will be significantly smaller than GM.IBPW)
    In areas where SPA, default pw etc is not used you will see the difference tracks very close to your volt/manvac offset.
    Still working on the SPA contribution but it certainly appears to be based on the CALC.IPW pid not GM.IBPW.
    Basically record a run and calculate the mass against Comanded AFR and replas the figures from CALC.IPW in to the table? surely then its just the volt/manvac offset that would need a tweeking for idle?

    Or am i really not getting this right now???!!!!
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    Thanks Antony

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