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Thread: Sensor removal?

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    We have ECMs on the shelf as well if you wish to try that. I'll have to look at the wiring diagram to see what the values should be. Being able to datalog with the v2 is going to be helpful finding the problem. See if the sensor does not work it refers to the high altitude tables which most box tuners don't adjust.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 02greysixer View Post
    ...Can the barometric pressure values be set to "0" with efilive? And by 0 I mean slightly above sea level.
    No, there is no ability to do that today. And just an FYI, that value would be 14.7 psia, not zero.

    As Dan stated, you would learn much about your issue from logging.
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    I will do a log and post it up, don't worry. As far as changing the baro reading, that sucks it can't be changed by itself. But as long as the smoke on start up and just off idle can be tuned out somehow I'll be happy.

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