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Thread: "Attached PCM's serial number is missing"

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    Unhappy "Attached PCM's serial number is missing"

    Went to start up my car and it would die with any throttle.

    It was throwing MAF codes but haven't run a MAF in a year CLSD.

    I attempted to upload the existing tune with no success. Serial number blank not detected. Screen prompted me to "Please perform a full reflash of this PCM."

    Pulled PCM and discovered corrosion in the left blue connection. The other blue and both reds looked fine.

    Is my PCM bad?

    I wasn't tuning and hadn't logged or flashed in a week at the time of the incident.

    Thanks for any help!
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    Can you get the corrosion cleaned up (you will have to open the PCM case and see if the pins have continuity to the inside)...?

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