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Thread: 1997 Corvette fuel rail and regulator?

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    Default 1997 Corvette fuel rail and regulator?

    Does anyone know if this regulator can give you a 1:1 ratio under boost? All I get is 60PSI all the way across with 7 pounds of boost.

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    Where is boost reference picked up?
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    It should be 1:1 as long as you have the reference line hooked to the manifold (behind the throttle blade or on a "T" to the brake booster line) AND if your in-tank pump can actually keep up with the flow/pressure demands.
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    The pumps are Lonnies dual in tank. Jumpered both pumps and still only had 60-61PSI all the way across. Both pumps create the same pressure if ran individually. Their is 7PSI of boost by redline at the FPR(from the brake booster line)and its a 500RWHP camaro with P1SC. I know the truck regulators are 1:1 but they came vacuum reference from the factory. The vacuum lines need to be rerouted since the hobbs switch for the second pump shares the same source as the bypass valve and it nevers kicks on until you put it in the FPR line.

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    You can test the FPR with a vacuum pump (e.g. MityVac) and a fuel pressure gauge...

    make the fuel pumps run (command on, or otherwise hotwire using a fused jumper wire), then:

    for each 2"Hg of vacuum that you pull with the vacuum pump, rail pressure should drop by about 1 psi in a linear manner;
    keep pulling vacuum at 2" intervals until you're pulling say 16-20", rail pressure should have followed (i.e. dropped by 8-10 psi).

    if rail pressure does not follow vacuum like this, then the FPR is bad.

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