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Thread: TLIQ vs BT vs TLIQ or some such thing

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    i redid my stock truck with the experiment xls file spreadsheet. I don't have access yet to the transmission table as i haven't updated my efi live in some time. I don't want to lose certain functions. I set the values to lb ft. It seemed to produce the smoothest result. As a starting point with the defuel tables, is that what you did with tbiq and tliq? You pasted the tbiq table in and go rid of the bigger discrepancies? Im not looking for dragons so much as making the defuel smoother and more seamless.

    Thanks again! Im trying to learn it the best i can.

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    are you referring to the one I posted in post #15? if so, then if you make changes to either the throttle base or torque base tables then you copy/paste both of those tables into the relevant sections as labeled in the excel file. then copy the newly generated defuel table B0741 and paste it into your tune. I don't have much to show if copying the table into the transmission does much but I believe it will help the transmission with its torque calculations while shifting so maybe smoother shifts

    the spreadsheet was made in imperial or lb/ft and I have not tested it in newtons so I don't know if it will still work
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