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Thread: COS#3 ... Max MAP = 105kpa in the scanner?

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    LOL,,, I setup a new set of PID's using less channels and it was off to the races I've got the VE working to 10lbs of boost so far. Going to try get some additonal logging done today in an area SW of me that has long steep hills. And the boost will be going up to 15lbs..

    At 10lbs its faster than I remember my 427 Radix being once I'm rolling.

    I'm thinking about insulating the exhaust system to get more heat back to the turbo. The brakes won't hold the truck without boost. And having 500hp without boost it doesn't stay in 1st gear for two seconds. My TQ converter is a little to tight also. Its setup for the Radix I'll have to call Chuck at FLT and see what the stall is. What Converter are you running Erik? I had a 3200 Yank that blew up behind the Radix and that felt way to sloppy for my tastes.

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    I'm using a PI 10.5" triple disk with a "turbo stator" that Chuck set up for me. The stator allows it to spool up the turbo, but otherwise acts like a lower stall. I think its a 3200.

    I know what you mean about the gearing... It's a bit nutty to be in third gear before your eyes catch up to your foot

    Are you still running the stock exhaust manifolds? Might want to consider some thick, coated headers if so. I love the bassannis. I haven't wrapped anything yet, but then again am using a smaller turbine that feels like insta-boost -- not quite like a radish, but close enough

    BTW, you running a GT42-88? or 76?
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    I've got a GT42-82 or something close to that and ASM headers. I'm going to order the insulation Monday I'll let you know in the next week or so how it works out.

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