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Thread: Release Candidate 9, Feb 09, 2012

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    Default Release Candidate 9, Feb 09, 2012

    Release Candidate 9 of the EFILive V7.5 and V8 software is available for download.
    Although we've released this software as a release candidate version, we highly recommend not using it in a production environment or in situations where failure cannot be tolerated.
    If you absolutely must use RC9 in a production environment, please familiarize yourself with the updates that have been made in all RC versions. You may need to manage the differences between this RC9 release and whatever public release your customers may be using.

    We plan on releasing one more RC version (RC10) in 1-2 weeks. We plan for RC10 to be the stable release that will go live some time later this month.

    Auto Update:

    This latest release candidate uses a new installer from Indigo Rose that is not compatible with the V7.5 and V8 software that has been installed with the QSetup installer.
    The RC9 installer will automatically chekc for and uninstall incompatible versions of EFILive. In previous RC updates some user data (such as registration details) was accidentally being overwritten. This RC9 installer attempts to backup and restore that user data so that it is not lost. However, we also recommend backing up your \My Documents\EFILive\V7.5 folder prior to installing RC9. That way if any files do get overwritten or deleted you can always restore them from your backup copy.

    The new installer supports auto updating but it will not be enabled until the full public release of the EFILive software.
    For now, please download and install this release candidate using the links below.

    Manual download/install available here:

    Important information
    Boot block and Firmware updates
    Please update your FlashScan and AutoCal boot blocks to V2.07.04 (Dec 13, 2011) and the firmware to V2.07.23 (Feb 08, 2011).
    The boot block update fixes a problem with AutoCal's LCD in low temperatures.
    After updating to firmware V2.07.23, you will no longer be able to revert back to firmware V2.07.22.

    *.ctd v's *.ctz file format
    *.ctd (calibration tune data) files are no longer supported by the latest FlashScan and AutoCal firmware. The new file format supported by FlashScan and AutoCal is *.ctz (calibration tune zip) files. The V7.5 and V8 software will continue to allow you to open/read *.ctd files but you can only save files in the new *.ctz file format. This is only a concern for tuners that are sending tune files to their customers. If you want to send *.ctz files to your customers, then your customers must also have the latest V7.5 and V8 software installed and must also have their FlashScans and AutoCals updated with the latest firmware.

    Script Files (i.e. *.obj files used to read/flash the controllers - not to be confused with script files that are used to automate calibration updates)
    Script files have been updated. The latest script files must be copied to FlashScan/AutoCal devices to maintain compatibility with the latest V2.07.23 (Feb 08, 2012) firmware.

    Known Issues:
    Issue #1
    Attempting to read a CMB/CMC controller using standalone reading (BBR) when no vehicle is connected to FlashScan/AutoCal may cause FlashScan/AutoCal to hang. In that case you should power cycle FlashScan/AutoCal to regain control.
    Issue #2
    AutoCal may become unresponsive to USB commands from the host PC after completing a BBF operation while still connected to the PC via USB.
    Issue #3
    E55 BBL does not work - Fixed.
    Issue #4
    Disabling BTM on the Cummins may set a MIL with a checksum DTC, seems hit and miss (this should be 100% cured in RC8a).
    Issue #5
    Reading or flashing may fail in BBx mode but complete successfully in pass-thru mode.
    Please download the attached zip file and unzip the contents into
    \Program Files\EFILive\V8\Firmware (for Windows 32 bit systems)
    \Program Files (x86)\EFILive\V8\Firmware (for Windows 64 bit systems)
    The use EFILive_Explorer to update the firmware so that the firmware date shows as Feb 12, 2012.
    Issue #6
    Changing the VIN of a T43 calibration in the V7 Tune Tool software will cause an error stating: "EFILive has detected changes in the data that were not made by EFILive" when the file is saved.

    Reporting Issues:
    If you discover any problems/faults, please make a note of them in this thread.
    For urgent or complicated issues, please create a support ticket here:

    What's new in this release candidate (since Release Candidate 8):
    For a description of previous updates, please see the RC8 thread here:
    Changes in RC9:
    Interesting/Important updates in green

    • Fixed AutoCal hanging when attempting to scan when one or more PIDs were unsupported.
    • Changed V7 and V8 installer to automatically uninstall old versions if/when required.
    • Fixed V7 installer to save and restore the "User Configuration" folder so license and other user data is not lost when V7 is automatically uninstalled.
    • Fixed V7 installer to allow user to choose to keep or discard existing registry settings.
    • Removed copyright check and warning in V7 when loading tune files.
    • Added Virtual VE table support for E39, E78 and E83
    • Added intake and exhaust cam position options fro generating VVE tables.
    • Fixed WO2 Stoichiometry setting in FlashScan/AutoCal to correctly default to 14.7 if it is never set away from 0 by the user.
    • Fixed V7 sometimes not recognizing the connected cable at start-up and defaulting to the wrong authorization level.
    • Fixed Cummins timing calculator window to prevent 3D surface map being permanently hidden if the horizontal splitter bar is moved to the top of the window.
    • Changed "Paste and multiply by %" to handle all data values consistently- previously it was handling values from 0..2 as -100%..+100%.
    • Fixed copy/paste of text fields in dialogs and MDI child windows.
    • Fixed single digit file names not showing up on FlashScan (i.e. 1.ctz).
    • Fixed hanging after updating lots of Quickstart items.
    • Put docs back onto start menu.
    • Added BBF Full flash for LS1B, LB7 and LLY (Note, LS1B and LB7 full flash is currently disabled. If you want/need to test either, please contact
    • Add P12 read/flash (for V8 & BBx).
    • Add P08 and P11 cal-flash.
    • Fixed auto detecting of P08 and P10 controllers.
    • E40 full flash script now checks for BB compatibility correctly.
    • Fixed range check error when opening LBZ/LMM BBR files for the first time.
    • Prevent LBZ/LMM BBF full-flashing if *.ctz file has not been merged with base OS.
    • Fixed LBZ/LMM display messages while BBFing.
    • Fixed CMB flash to reduce possibility of failure due to packet-loss.
    • Added T76 TCM read support.

    The EFILive Development Team
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    Downloading and installing now

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    After updating to this RC, format my config file and programming my FlashScan slower, it will not BBF my CMB controller after 3 attempts. When I get to the point when my FlashScan asks me if this file is the one I want to flash controller, after selecting ok, it always quits after 3-5 min. Giving me the $0340 or $0380 error. I'm flashing with laptop now to see what happens.
    06 5.9L, EFILive / Silver Bullet Tuning
    06 LBZ, EFILive

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    After the fourth attempt (1st with laptop) it successfully flashed elapsed time of 6:22.
    06 5.9L, EFILive / Silver Bullet Tuning
    06 LBZ, EFILive

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    Flashed second time with laptop in 5:52.
    06 5.9L, EFILive / Silver Bullet Tuning
    06 LBZ, EFILive

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    Yay, P12 BBR/BBF! And P08/P11 BBF! Sweet!

    Looks pretty good to me, imagine the VVT guys will appreciate the VVE being able to show that now.
    2013 Sonic RS Manual - 1.4L I4T E78, tuned, turbo mods, etc.
    2008 TrailBlazer SS 3SS AWD Summit White - LS2 E67/T42, bolt ons, suspension, etc.
    2002 Chevy TrailBlazer LT 4X4 Summit White - 4.2L I6 P10, lifted, wheels, etc.

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    Does this fix the checksum error we were having with the box tuners not going to stock on the 6.7 cummins?

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    That will be in the next release (in a week or two), with that should also be the DTC disable lists

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    Thanks Ross. I can't speak for the masses, but gotta say I'm extremely impressed with ya'lls progress and level of customer service.

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    Thanks Dave, it's been quite challenging switching back and forward between Cummins and GM gas ECM's to get these releases out.

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