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Thread: Innovate MTX-L to Flashscan V2 Serial Connection

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    Default Innovate MTX-L to Flashscan V2 Serial Connection

    I'm trying to figure out why I keep getting WO2 Not Found on the V2 after setting up my MTX-L via serial.

    From the MTX-L Gauge I have used the supplied serial cable from the Serial OUT on the Gauge to then a DB9 female to female converter then using the supplied flashscan v2 cable I plug it into the RS232 port on the V2.

    Has anyone used one of these gauges with a V2 before? Apparently they're exactly the same as the LM2. Do I need to make any alterations to the cable itself?

    Hope someone knows


    Ended up sorting it out by swapping pin 2 and pin 3 on the rs232 side
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