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Thread: "2.2 ecotec E37 stand alone No START"

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    Default "2.2 ecotec E37 stand alone No START"

    I have a 2007 ecotec 2.2 out of a malibu which I put into a sandrail.I did a full reflash using v8 software with vats patch applied and G1210 type2. And it still wont start.
    Motor: 2007 2.2 malibu, drive by wire with gas pedal out of the same car.

    ECM: E37 which I had to order separately. When I read the tune it says its from a 2009 Ion w/2.2 OS (12630187)

    Harness: I took the harness out of the malibu with the engine as a package. I used the wiring diagrams of a 07 malibu to hook up all grounds and powers to the ecm and to all the sensors.

    When I did the full flash it wouldn't start. All of the sensors are reading correclty except for 2 senors (ECT and CMP). It reads rpm CKP but the CMP reads (0) the ECT reads (-40 degF). I checked the cam sensor with an oscilloscope and apparentley the sensor is ok, yet i still replaced it and no luck. There is no spark, no signal from the ecm gets to the coils as well as no pulse to the injectors.
    On the scanner I get the following;
    VTD-VTD1-vehicle Theft Fuel Cont-YES
    VTD-VTD2-vehicle Theft Deterrent Fuel System-Enabled
    All other VTD pids read no or disabled
    No matter how many times I full flash it or wether I put type 2,3 or theft disabled VTD pids read the same. I dont know if the computer is not compatible with the motor because of year difference. Or if it might be something that I'm diong wrong. Any type of help or guidance will be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance

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